Our independent investment management method: Learn everything, forget nothing.

We know that the best ideas in independent investing aren’t the newest or the riskiest—they’re the safest. As our team of investment consultants strive to improve your portfolio’s profitability, we start with protection and independence. This may sound like a fresh approach to some, but it’s not—it’s the way fixed-income investments should be.

Alfstad Capital will get to know you like we know the fixed income industry.

Your community deserves a healthy economy. We’re changing effective fixed-income investment management strategy by focusing on our communities. Backed by 30 years of financial wisdom and authority, capital markets analysis, independent investment experience, and through our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, Alfstad Capital’s investment consultants’ portfolio analytics and risk management assessment will help you invest soundly while helping to protect your assets.

ProfentiaDaily Economic Insight

Our independent investment firm delivers economic insight and capital markets analysis for portfolio managers, savvy investors, financial analysts, economists, entrepreneurs, and today’s thought-leaders. Profentia provides a market snapshot of today’s economic insight and outlook, while giving analysts an entry point for their own further research.

Our approach to capital markets is a combination of art and science. For the better part of three decades, we have built a process based on sound investment discipline. Our economic analysis incorporates an understanding of the richness and complexity of human behavior. These intuitive techniques when integrated with scientific observation deliver an informed perspective on the workings of our capital markets. Stay connected to today’s market outlook with the Profentia—Economic Insight app for your iPhone or iPad.

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